Sunday, 23 November 2008

Hello guys,
I just want to let everybody know that I wont be updating this blog anymore.
My own personal website has been launched and I will be posting all my news/blogs/etc over there.


Saturday, 20 September 2008

"I really miss 1v1 competitions"


"Why have you signed up for Athens?
stermy: I signed up hoping they will be using Quake Live already for this event.

I really want to play in some FPS 1v1 tournaments again and unfortunately I did not have this opportunity in the past year because of lacking of tournaments and schedule conflicts between the CGS and other events.

As soon as I got back from the US this August I started playing QuakeLive and I`m definitely enjoying it so far so I was just waiting for a big tournament to come up. Unfortunately I don’t know if this ESWC Masters in Athens will be Quake 3 CPMA or Quake Live already (related to ESWC`s previous news regarding ESWC finals and the possibility of Quake Live instead of Quake 3)."

Saturday, 13 September 2008

ohhh a new post!!

thats right I wrote a new post.. after CGS finals I just wanted to take a break from everything,I hope everyone understands.

I`m in Italy for a few more weeks now before I go back to Los Angeles, spent some time with my family and partying with my friends over here and I had a great time; I`m back to work now and I really want to update you guys on everything at the right time.

Tonight Inter Milan plays vs Catania so I hope you guys wont miss the match and watch out for Quaresma!!

Julio Cesar

UPDATE:Inter wins 2-1 vs Catania ;)


Saturday, 26 July 2008

CGS World Final!!!!

Hello everyone,
I`m gonna start this blog by saying that I couldnt be more proud of every member of my team. It has been a long road to the finals and Monday is gonna be one of those matches that you are gonna remember forever.
I wanna thank all the people who supported and helped us to this point and I suggest everyone to tune in on DirectTV Monday because it`s gonna be a fantastic match.


Alessandro "stermy" Avallone

Friday, 20 June 2008

...little update....

sorry for the late update,
been really busy lately with a team Bootcamp and the Championship Gaming Series.. Didnt have much time to be on my pc at all beside practicing and playing my official matches so hopefully by the end of next week I will have more time to write a blog and tell u guys what`s going on here...keep supporting me and my team on as usual!

As for my website, it`s close to be done, I just had to wait a little bit more than expected but hopefully for the end of the month we`ll have something :)


Friday, 9 May 2008

back in Los Angeles

Buongiorno my friends,
you heard it right, I'm back in L.A.
Im coming out of a pretty rough week actually, since I had to get ready and leave for the US in only 3-4 days, so I haven’t been able to been on for quite awhile since I had to fix a few important things before leaving; I will be staying here in the US at least till August, maybe more, we'll see.
Right now I'm at Yaz's house (clown) and I got a really nice setup where I can practice without problems, unfortunately it wasn’t the case before my preseason match vs Kreegan which I was about to skip cuz of computers problems that didn’t let me play a single game for days till 1 hour before the actual match, but we decided to play anyway to scout some of my opponent strategies and playing style and I believe it was the right decision.
The San Francisco OPTX team is doing really well, We are up 3 wins to 0 in the preseason and I believe we'll be one of the top contender for this year - - props to all the players to put in the hours and consistency in their practice routines.
Yesterday night me and Clown drove down to CoinOP-TV where Yaz got interviewed by Rob and I have to say, it was a really cool/funny interview which should be up on our website soon.

My plans for this summer will be announced really soon, but as most of you guys know, I will be competing in the CGS and if everything goes as it should I will be at QuakeCon as well... after that, we'll see.. I'm still working on it and I'm waiting for answers.
My body is responding really well to the timezone change for once, I get hungry at the right times and I wake up around 9am every morning, so I feel good. I only went to the gym once this week but I plan on going today or tomorrow and start my usual schedule from next Monday again.
By the end of this month, finger crossed, I will have a really nice announcement to do and... will be up - - been working on it for awhile and things look really good!

Thanks everyone for the support as usual,
Alessandro "stermy" Avallone

Thursday, 24 April 2008

CGS Preseason Week 01

The Championshinp gaming Series Preseason/Trainingcamp has started this week (you can find all the infos at or

SF OPTX (NinjaCW) vs Carolina Core (OffbeatNinja): 5-3
SF OPTX (Vanessa) vs Carolina Core (Mystik): 5-1

Quote from website
NinjaCW, using Bass, an alternate character, lead over Offbeat Ninja, playing as Hitomi, 5 > 3 while Vanessa, playing as Lei Fang, won over Mystik, playing as Ayane, 5 > 1

SF OPTX (stermy) vs Carolina Core (Anomaly): 1-0

Tonight our Counterstrike-Source team will face Carolina Core aswell in a really intense match.. right now we are up 11-4 and this game it's definately going to be really important point wise.
Connect on #optx if you wanna find all the infos/ live score and SourceTV IP for follow this great match.

SF OPTX CSS (Moe,Warmach1ne,Clown,Grt,Paradox) vs CORE: 15-3

Overall score: 26-7 for Optx - VODS at this LINK

I will post a personal blog this weekend.